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The major thrust of The Sudan Project is our Bible school campus located in Pajok, South Sudan.



This is the medical arm of our work. We cannot tackle spiritual ills and ignore physical ills.


Water Wells

Water wells are also being drilled for clean water in partnership with Healing Hands International.



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April 2017 -- Fierce Fighting Moves into Pajok!

At 6 a.m. on Monday morning, the South Sudanese in Pajok, the village where our preaching campus and clinic are located, were awakened by gunfire!

What they had anticipated was happening. Government troops had arrived to drive out the rebel troops. However, the armies were shooting anything that moved!

Although many were killed, those who escaped fled with only the clothes on their backs. They traveled through the bush trying to get to the safety of the Ugandan border.

One young man sadly describes how a group of innocent villagers were lined up and coldly shot. His father was made to dig their graves. The next morning, his father's throat was slit and his body added to the grave.

Those who were lucky enough to get to the Ugandan border were chased by the vicious South Sudanese soldiers, but the Ugandan soldiers stepped in and prevented the villagers from being captured.

Due to the sudden influx of thousands of new refugees, the U.N. is try to set up two more refugee camps as the other camps are already full beyond capacity. The basics of life like food and water are running out quickly.

We have received word that Pajok is now deserted except for the ravaging soldiers. They have broken the doors and windows of our clinic and looted the medicines and anything they can carry.

We rejoice, though, that the Pajok Christians have made it to safety--although the husband of one of our clinic workers was killed. The brave South Sudanese Christians are showing great courage and maturity, already rounding up all the Christians in the camps and starting to meet together for worship.

"We may not have things, but we still have God!" they say. Please pray for these brave brothers and sisters.