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The major thrust of The Sudan Project is our Bible school campus located in Pajok, South Sudan.



This is the medical arm of our work. We cannot tackle spiritual ills and ignore physical ills.


Water Wells

Water wells are also being drilled for clean water in partnership with Healing Hands International.



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July 12, 2016

PRAY FOR SANTINO - The U.S. media has shared very little news regarding the extreme violence that has recently broken out in South Sudan. Hundreds have been killed in the capital city of Juba.

Tim Brumfield was in Pajok at the time, but he has made it out into the neighboring country of Uganda through back roads. He is now safe and returning home.

Santino Haar went to Juba, South Sudan a week ago to arrange for a marriage license that would be acceptable to the U. S. immigration office. He called Tuesday morning to say that he is not able to be out in the open and cannot be on the streets. He cannot leave to travel on to Nairobi, Kenya to visit his family because travel is not allowed for anyone who is a Dinka, which is his tribal background.

Santino has been in touch with the U. S. Embassy because he is a U. S. citizen, but it is locked up for protection and cannot help him at the moment. One U. S. consulate vehicle was fired on a few days ago. Please pray for Santino's safety and for a way to get him out of South Sudan.